Brunet Garcia

What do you do when your client is moving into a unique new space?  Something unique, of course! The distinctive shape of the building posed some challenges, which the design team saw as opportunities. Encouraging collaboration in an open space yields brilliant surprises, made possible by colleagues interacting naturally and spontaneously throughout the day. A generous number of gathering settings, along with areas for focused work were provided that were identifiable and welcoming to workers. Large windows around the front of the building allow natural light to flow into the space from all sides. Storefront glass in the offices not only keeps light from traveling further into the space, but also provides a visual connection through the space.

Large stadium seating was centrally placed, which is used in place of the traditional conference room. Booth seating is located at the end of a hall for privacy and focused work, and a pie-shaped corner became a library space for employees to unwind–no phones allowed! The break room, which was centrally located, ties both sides of the space together and stays true to the natural flow of the space. The vision of the project was to provide lots of light, develop a bold identity in representation of their brand, and create a fun and flexible space which could accommodate various types of work and environments.

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